Investment Token

Tokens issued at a fixed rate of 10 tokens per 1 Ethereum. We issue PanaStar+ without any restrictions, but we require a full KYC registration


PanaStar+ is the perfect medium or long term investment token. The token is fully stabilized and offers the opportunity to participate in our private fund portfolios.

Tokens issued at a fixed rate of 10 tokens per 1 Ethereum.

We issue PanaStar+ without a initial minimum purchase, but we require a full KYC registration and a copy of your ID or Passport.

Our funding options include credit card, wire transfer, bitcoin, ethereum or cash. Please contact us to let us arrange the most suitable option for you.

PanaStar+ tokens can be freely traded after issuance, but there is a 60, 90 or 120 day maturity period before we exchange the tokens for a fiat or cryptocurrency of your choice. However, PanaStar+ can be freely traded on the secondary markets without any restrictions.

Our foretasted growth rates vary from 2.5% to 11.75% depending on term length and prevailing conditions. Our service team will provide you with all available options to make an educated choice on your token purchase.


Your registration will open a direct channel to our service team and we will initially contact you via email. After our initial contact we will present you a variety of contact options including telegram, whatsapp and messenger.

We will send you a email introducing you to your designated customer service representative within 24 hours.

We will outline our currently available investment token options as well as terms and conditions. If you decide to register with us we will also occasionally reach out with news and updates about other PanaStar products. 

PanaStar has made it a priority to combat money laundering and terrorist financing within the platform. PanaStar prides itself of being able to identify and understand risks of money laundering and terrorist financing in order to apply preventive measures through its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) policies and procedures, which are in line with the Financial Action Task Force on money laundering (FATF) and international standards.

In light of our changing environment, PanaStar continually evaluates the strength and relevance of its existing policies, procedures and employee training programs and, if necessary, updates them to address these changes.

PanaStar is fully informed of the laws and regulations governing its correspondents abroad and deals with them in compliance with such laws and regulations. PanaStar is committed to abide by the laws, regulations, procedures, sanctions and restrictions adopted by international legal organizations and/or by the sovereign authorities in the correspondents’ home countries.

Please feel free to contact us on at any time.

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